dAM 4150 Series Carbs
"The Switch Is On..."

The dAMBEST billet carbs are the most powerful and responsive carbs of their size. Every angle of throttle position is adjustable, and adjustable linkage allows control of the rate at which the secondary is applied.

dAM has five US patents in fuel emulsion technology incorporated into the metering blocks to reduce droplets to previously unattainable size.

dAM's patented, lightweight billet body allows for custom sizes and takes into account air cleaners and air pans to aid air distribution around the booster and through the manifold.

The result is 50% more booster and about 50 times the emulsification of modified other brands. Air cradles the fuel droplet in a totally new way reducing manifold wetting - a major problem in previous carburetor designs.

Small1.250"1.688"528761To 650

Each carb has its own build sheet and serial number.

Pictured is the Big Billet with Skirted Booster.

Every dAM carb is serial numbered with its own build sheet and wet flow sheet.
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