Previously Owned dAMBEST Carburetors

So you are the proud owner of a 2nd hand dAMBEST carb and would like to know more about it...

The first thing to determine would be the venturi and butterfly diameters. A dial caliper will work fine.
Match that and the carb style on our Carburetor Page and you'll have the basic info.

The next thing would be to identify any options on our Carb Options Page

Every dAMBEST carb has a serial number and a build sheet. dAMBEST modified other brands also get a serial number.
Look on the linkage-side of the main housing above the 2ndary throttle shaft.
The build sheet is our internal-use-only record of your carb's original construction that allows us to provide you better service now.

A service you might consider at this time is a "Refresh" where we replace old gaskets and wear items,
upgrade components with the latest advances, and ensure that your carb is up to factory specs and providing top performance.

If you're a do-it-yourselfer you might look through the Gaskets and Carb Parts sections of our online store.
We are regularly making available more of the custom parts we use in-house.

If you need further information about your carb, fill out the Used Carb Info Form and return it to us.

Used Carb Info Form

Note: $45 charge for this service.

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