dAMBEST Advanced EFI

dAM's patent-pending Advanced EFI (A-EFI) replaces both the float bowl and the main jet and is controlled by the ECU. There is no float and needle to be affected by acceleration forces. You custom tailor fuel delivery through the ECU. See our A-EFI.pdf for more info.

Conversion from float technology to electronic is easy and allows you to keep all your cylinder head and manifold development in place. Dyno first with float bowls then convert to A-EFI, one carb at a time. Use a flow rater at the float bowl first, then match the flow rate with the A-EFI. One middle step can be to use a MSD tester to trigger the ECU, then flow rate the fuel to be sure it is the same as the dyno sheet. This way you can base line the A-EFI with the engine not even running.

Another import bit of information is that the A-EFI does not need EFI type fuel pressure. You can run standard type race pump with pressure between 25 - 30 PSI.

Top Sportsman we haven't forgot you: there are single and dual four barrel combo's too. The A-EFI can supply enough fuel for a dry system 4000HP Pro Mod too!!!

Here are some videos showing A-EFI features and the A-EFI in action.

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